English with native speakers for adults and children

General information

General English courses are intended for those who already have basic communicative skills in the English language. The study goals include improving phrasing skills, and understanding native speaker’s speech. Here at EnglishDom we work out the course using native speakers for both children and adults.

English with native speakers

Goals of study

Our native speakers are, first of all, people who know all the details and features of the language. Moreover, they are professional and competent teachers, good at imparting knowledge in an understandable way.

For the study period we set the next tasks and goals:

  • Make every student's organs of speech ready to pronounce English sounds as precisely and correctly as possible.
  • Develop and improve skills in phonetics including intonation.
  • General English allows students to learn how to formulate and express their thoughts in English quicker and helps overcome language barriers within the shortest possible time. Every student during the lessons gains a feel for the language.
  • Our goal is to make your foreign speech perception better, along with the help of watching different videos and listening to audios.
  • General English, first of all, expands your active vocabulary. It also promotes the passive learning of new words, expressions, idioms, grammar constructions, and the understanding of some peculiarities of conversational speech.